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If you’re looking to increase your website’s visibility and draw in more targeted traffic, our WordPress SEO strategy can help. We have a proven track record of successful SEO campaigns for WordPress websites, and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Contact us today to get started.

Data-Driven WordPress SEO Services That Get Results

While WordPress offers several features that simplify basic search engine optimization tasks, there is still more that you can do to improve your website’s ranking. An effective SEO strategy takes ongoing effort to ensure that your website remains visible to potential customers actively searching for products or services like yours. Optimizing your WordPress website for search engines can ensure that you reach the people most likely to be interested in your offerings.

Not only can WordPress SEO improve your site’s overall performance, but it can also increase leads and sales. A WordPress SEO campaign requires many skills to carry out and can benefit your website.

As an experienced WordPress optimization company, we take care of all the technical aspects of SEO so that you can focus on your core business goals. 

We thoroughly research your target audience and the most effective keywords to target, as well as take a close look at your competitors’ SEO efforts.

We identify what they’re doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement so that we can help you create a content strategy that will outsmart the competition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you boost your online visibility.

We have extensive experience implementing successful SEO campaigns to help brands reach their growth goals. We’re WordPress natives, and we can take care of your WordPress SEO from the analysis and planning to content strategy.

We acknowledge that WordPress SEO is simply a pathway to what you want – revenue. That’s why all Devachi Digital’s campaigns include input on conversion optimization and integration with other digital platforms.

Start by requesting a free digital marketing review from our team of experts. We’ll send you a free 10-minute video detailing how to increase your traffic, improve your website’s usability, and increase your conversions.


Top-Rated WordPress SEO Experts You Can Trust

We launched Devachi Digital in 2016 to address the problem of SMEs being taken advantage of by unscrupulous agencies. Since then, we have been helping businesses worldwide improve their search engine ranking, driving more relevant traffic to their WordPress websites, and helping them achieve their growth goals.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes us different, please read about our story and values. We are confident that we can help you improve your website’s ranking, traffic, and revenue. Request a free digital marketing review today.


WordPress SEO Services

No two WordPress websites are alike. Your site’s content, links, competitors, and keywords are all unique to your brand. Every WordPress SEO campaign needs a custom strategy based on your website’s current performance and growth goals. We’ll audit your website and identify the best ways to improve your site’s health and performance so that you can increase your rankings, traffic, and revenue.


Approach to WordPress SEO

Our SEO team will ensure that your SEO’s technical aspects are up to scratch. Together with our Content Marketing team, they’ll ensure your website is full of great, search-engine-friendly content that attracts and engages the right people.

Keyword Research

Our SEO experts will check the keywords you rank for, the phrases your target audience uses at every stage of a buyer’s journey, and the search terms your competitors dominate. We will create a prioritized list of target keywords to focus on and outline a plan of action for outranking your competitors.

On-Page Optimization and Technical SEO

SEO begins with your website. We will improve your website’s technical aspects and user experience and make it easy for search engines to understand your content. This might include improving your site’s metadata, internal linking, and keyword usage on each page.

Off-Page Optimization

As well as optimizing your website, we will also implement best practices for off-page SEO. This can include backlink analysis to remove any harmful links to your website and link building to generate valuable backlinks that will help improve your rankings. We may also suggest other services such as social media marketing to complement your WordPress SEO campaign.

Outstanding Content Creation

SEO and copywriting go hand-in-hand. For a WordPress website to rank, its content must target the right keywords and engage visitors. Our team of expert Content Marketing experts can create all kinds of copy for your website, from crucial product and service pages to blogs. By matching content to search intent, we can improve your website’s click-through rate and time on page.

Constant Monitoring and Refining

Every high-ranking website knows that SEO is an ongoing process. At Devachi Digital, we’re obsessed with achieving the best possible results, so we never settle. We will constantly review your WordPress SEO and site performance, using the performance data to help us prioritize. As we hit each set of quarterly performance milestones, we’ll work with you to set even more ambitious targets.

Transparent Monthly Reports

We prepare monthly reports which provide clear and concise data regarding your campaign’s progress and results. This way, you are always aware of our work and how it contributes to your desired outcomes.

Technical SEO

We’ll ensure your website is not user-friendly and engine friendly. Our SEO experts will optimize the structure of your website to make it easier for search engines to crawl & index your webpages. Our technical SEO services will also maintain your page load times and high user engagement.

Link Building & Backlink Analysis

Link building eCommerce link building can take many forms, from digital PR outreach to influencer-led campaigns. Our team will analyze your link profile and compare it to your competitor’s to what it would take to succeed. We then start building your site’s authority with high-quality, authentic link building that is genuinely helpful instead of harmful.

Clear, Simple and Transparent Reports

We understand that you want to stay updated on our progress and ensure that we meet your goals. To simplify things, we provide monthly reports with precise data that can be easily understood.


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