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A proper website architecture and user experience are critical for your SEO success. We’ll optimize your website for users and search engines so it’s fully capable of ranking in the search results.

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Technical SEO Services

Typical services provided by a specialized SEO agency include a range of activities designed to eliminate common errors within a website that negatively impact its ranking in search engines. After an SEO audit, the specialists are ready to optimize indexation.

On-Site Optimization

Website On-Site Optimization

This involves optimizing everything a search engine spider can see when crawling a website. It includes looking at the body text to ensure it is relevant and correctly aligned with keyword targets and is structured correctly, checking that pages are accessible, making internal links intuitive and easy to spot, reviewing the site structure and linking paths, identifying duplicate content or potential spammy or thin material, ensuring all images have descriptive file names and alt tags within the code, checking for speed issues such as redirect chains and large media files breaking down a page’s load time, and performance.

Website On-Site Optimization
Technical SEO Services Agency

Javascript Optimization

Technical SEO Services Agency

Successfully optimizing your website to rank on Google’s search results page involves various factors – including the structure and content of your site. One crucial aspect to consider is the way JavaScript interacts with your page, which can help or hinder the way search engines crawl and index your pages. If handled haphazardly, JS can reduce overall performance and hidden text, delay loading times, and hamper the user experience.

Performance Optimization

Website Performance Optimization Agency

There are several ways to optimize your website for search engines, but if your site is slow and difficult for customers to use, it will not rank well. Reducing the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files, minimizing redirects, using browser caching and CDNs, and improving server response time can improve conversion rates, user experience, page speed, and search engine rankings.

Website Performance Optimization Agency
Core Web Vitals Optimization Agency

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals Optimization Agency

Google has announced a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals, which the search engine will use to rank sites in their search algorithm. These metrics focus on factors such as page load times and interactivity, which are essential for providing a good user experience. Optimizing your site for these metrics will improve your chances of ranking highly in search results.


The Benefits of Technical SEO Optimization

Better SEO Results

If your website is optimized, you will likely see better SEO results. This can translate into a higher ROI, along with desired levels of conversion rates and user satisfaction. Technical SEO can offer a range of business benefits worth taking advantage of.

Increased User Experience

The user experience is crucial not only from the users’ perspective but also from Google’s perspective. Poor performance, slow page speed, and lack of intuitiveness can lead to frustration and abandoned sessions.

Boost in Conversion Rate

A well-designed website can help increase each page’s overall conversion rate from a technical SEO perspective. Complemented by better keyword research and good traffic, an SEO Agency can help improve the website’s performance.

Improved Efficiency on Mobile

As more and more users move to mobile devices for their web browsing, site structures must be prepared to handle the resulting increase in mobile traffic. Proper mobile SEO strategies can provide a significant boost in conversions.


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