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At Devachi Digital, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible optimization for their online store to get maximum exposure and improve their business’ search results ranking for the right keywords. With a data-driven eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, we can get your business seen by more people, increase organic traffic, generate sales, and deliver an unbeatable ROI.

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Growth-Focused eCommerce SEO Services You Can Trust

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical element of most eCommerce businesses’ growth strategy. This is because there is no higher quality traffic than people actively searching for the types of products you sell. While paid channels such as advertising can drive traffic to your site, organic search visibility is still a top priority for many eCommerce marketing managers. This is because it has the potential to generate a large volume of traffic without the cost of each click.


Why You Need eCommerce SEO

Effective SEO is key to improving your eCommerce store’s ranking on search engines and increasing revenue. Whether you’re having trouble getting to the first page of Google for your target keywords, or you’re already there but locked in a battle with competitors, eCommerce SEO can help boost your business.

However, optimizing your eCommerce store for search engines can be complex and lengthy.

Different SEO areas need to be considered and executed correctly, such as technical SEO tasks, content creation and optimization, and building authority with off-page SEO techniques (e.g., link building).

Additionally, eCommerce sites often present their unique challenges, such as duplicate content or the need to optimize category pages within existing content. Product pages may also require optimization, particularly those that rely on boilerplate descriptions.

An eCommerce website can present several challenges for SEO. As such, it is essential to partner with an agency that has a proven track record in helping businesses in this space grow their online presence.

Here at Devachi, we are eCommerce SEO experts. We have helped hundreds of online stores improve their ranking on search engines.

We develop a winning eCommerce SEO strategy that takes care of all the necessary elements, from technical SEO to keyword research, to on and off-page optimization.

Given that we don’t only do SEO, we’ll be able to tie your SEO strategy into conversion optimization and paid channels.

We’re here to accelerate your website performance and turn your website into the sales machine it should be.


A trustworthy eCommerce SEO Agency

SEO is not a quick fix. Even the best strategy cannot guarantee you will reach the first or second position. Many businesses have been disappointed by agencies that make false promises. These agencies use black-hat SEO practices such as link farming, cloaking, keyword stuffing, and article spinning. That’s why transparency and trustworthiness are two of our core values.


Approach to eCommerce SEO

Every eCommerce business is different, so we tailor our SEO strategy to fit your website’s situation and goals. We start by working on the low-hanging fruit, stacking up the building blocks for long-term visibility. Our SEO experts will ensure your SEO’s technical aspects are up to scratch, and our Content Marketing experts will ensure your website is full of great, search-friendly content.


eCommerce SEO Audit

We will analyze your website’s performance and SEO efforts to identify potential optimization opportunities. Once we understand how your website is performing, which keywords you are ranking for, and which you are missing out on, we can work with you to set ambitious (but achievable) goals and milestones.

Industry & Competitor Research

We will research your industry and learn from the successes and failures of your competitors. Our goal is to create an SEO campaign for you that will be the envy of your competition.

Keyword Research

Our SEO experts will use their experience and advanced tools to perform keyword research. They will identify the best keywords to target and develop a plan to outrank your competitors for both commercial and informational search terms. This will involve creating content that is closely aligned with search intent.

Bespoke eCommerce SEO Strategy

After assessing your existing or past campaigns, competitors’ SEO efforts, and the keywords you need to target, we will develop a custom eCommerce SEO strategy for your business. This strategy will outline your growth goals and the steps we will take to help you achieve them.

Page Optimization

We will analyze your site for all potential SEO opportunities to improve user experience and make it more accessible to search engines. This might involve improving your site’s headings, images, and copy and creating internal linking strategies that help search engines understand your site’s structure.

SEO Content Creation

SEO is most effective in conjunction with effective copywriting or content marketing. Your content should be designed to target specific keywords, improve rankings, and convert organic traffic into sales.
We will create all kinds of copy for your website and ensure that your content is aligned with search intent, thereby attracting the correct type of traffic with content that people want to see.

Technical SEO

We’ll ensure your website is user-friendly and engine friendly. Our SEO experts will optimize the structure of your website to make it easier for search engines to crawl & index your webpages. Our technical SEO services will also maintain your page load times and high user engagement.

Link Building & Backlink Analysis

Link building eCommerce link building can take many forms, from digital PR outreach to influencer-led campaigns. Our team will analyze your link profile and compare it to your competitor’s to what it would take to succeed. We then start building your site’s authority with high-quality, authentic link building that is genuinely helpful instead of harmful.

Clear, Simple and Transparent Reports

We understand that you want to stay updated on our progress and ensure that we meet your goals. To simplify things, we provide monthly reports with precise data that can be easily understood.


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