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In today’s eCommerce market, it is essential to have a website optimized for growth. If your website is not performing as well as it could be, it could be holding back your business from reaching its full potential. Request a free website review now, and see how you could take your eCommerce website to the next level.

eCommerce Stores Designed to Convert

We have extensive experience building and marketing eCommerce websites, covering a wide range of products and services. Our annual analysis of thousands of stores provides valuable insights into what makes a successful eCommerce brand. We typically build WooCommerce or Shopify-based stores.

Several excellent third-party integrations available can help with everything from stock control to fulfillment, potentially saving you development costs.

They are both excellent choices for eCommerce platforms from an SEO perspective.

Both website platforms are common, so there is no risk of being trapped with an obsolete website that costs a fortune to redevelop.


Global Website Design Agency

If you are looking for an honest website design agency that you can trust to deliver a stunning website, look no further than us. At our agency, we believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust, and we genuinely want to develop a website that you will love. Our team comprises highly trained website Designers, Full-Stack Developers, SEO Specialists, and QA Experts, all of which are led by our experienced team of website Project Managers.


Our Core eCommerce Website Principles

Every eCommerce build is unique, but some core principles still guide each project.

First Impressions Count

When creating a website, it is vital to remember that first impressions matter. Your website is often the first contact between you and a potential customer, so it must make a good impression. We specialize in creating responsive layouts that look great and are optimized for conversion rates.

Product Pages Should Work HARD

When building an eCommerce site, we focus on making buying as easy as possible. This means features like one-page checkouts, intuitive navigation, and simple product page designs. By making it easy for visitors to convert, we can make our marketing more profitable and scale up more quickly. We can help you build your product pages to include this type of content, along with user-generated reviews and product videos. Our professional copywriters can even compose your product descriptions if you prefer.

Every eCommerce Website Should Have Built-in SEO as Standard.

As part of our eCommerce website build process, we optimize all of your core website pages. This saves you time and money and ensures that experts optimize your website. We handle all aspects of page optimization, from writing and optimizing text to managing metadata, redirects, and submissions. This is all included in the cost of building your website – no extra charges apply.


Your eCommerce website needs to be mobile-friendly. However, optimizing for mobile should be a priority to ensure that your website is easy to use on mobile devices. This is especially important if you rely on social media advertising to generate traffic, as many users will access your site from their mobile phones. Poorly optimized mobile experiences can lead to conversion blockages that reduce the profitability of your traffic channels. With mobile users in mind, we design every eCommerce website responsively to provide a smooth shopping experience for visitors on any size device.


Why Should You Pick Devachi Digital as Your eCommerce Development Agency?

We are a professional web design agency that specializes in creating stunning websites. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers, developers, copywriters, editors, and project managers who work diligently to create the perfect website for our clients. We have worked with a wide range of businesses and have built hundreds of websites for happy customers. No matter what your business sells, we can create a beautiful and practical website for you. At Devachi digital, we believe in giving our clients full access to their websites and the crucial principles of SEO and CRO that make them successful. We don’t think so in lock-ins or anything that would restrict our clients’ access or ability to grow.

Websites Built to Convert

What is the use of a website that does not convert? Our eCommerce websites are aesthetically pleasing and built to convert potential customers. By streamlining the purchasing process for returning customers, designing a user-friendly navigation system, and creating effective calls to action, our team can help increase your conversion rates. With our extensive experience building, maintaining, and promoting high-performing websites, you can rest assured that your new store will be a valuable asset for your business.

An eCommerce Website That You Control

The average lifespan is just over seventy years. If you’re working with a web developer who takes eight months to make a simple change to your website, you’re likely to spend more time waiting for them to finish than you are using the site. And, even worse, you may be unable to make changes yourself once they’re finished. We build websites using only the most common, user-friendly platforms. Once we’re finished, we hand over full access to the site with no strings attached. That way, you can make changes without waiting for someone else.

No Nasty Lock-Ins — Here's How It Works

Most of our websites are built on common eCommerce platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. We recommend WordPress often because it is user-friendly and can scale your business. Without developer support, you can edit and add pages, products, and blogs.

Would you like us to make the changes for you? We would be happy to help. We have website maintenance and hosting packages that will take care of all the management for you.

Of course, these are optional. You may also choose to take your website to another provider.

Websites Built to Rank on Search Engines

As advertising costs continue to rise, many eCommerce stores emphasize organic search more. This is understandable, as we have helped eCommerce brands grow from five to eight figures through SEO alone.

However, a store must avoid eCommerce SEO pitfalls to achieve a high ranking. At our company, we build each store with SEO in mind from the ground up. In addition to taking care of essential technical optimization, any content we write for core, category, and product pages is based on keyword research.

Then, once your store is live, we can continue to promote it to grow its reach through our ongoing SEO, content marketing services, and driving targeted paid media traffic.


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