Does the number of social media followers matter?

Mar 6, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Does your competition gain an advantage over you when their social media followers are way more than yours in marketing? It’s both yes and no, depending on how you look at it.

In my digital marketing experience, I have realized lots of clients I worked with are so obsessed with the number of followers on their social media pages. I remember one even purchased an Instagram account with eighty thousand followers since her six thousand followers were too ‘little’ for her business, spending a cool 300 USD.

It affected engagements and sales

So my team had to stop managing her old Instagram account with six thousand loyal followers who had been part of her brand’s growth and move on to the new one. We also had to develop a new social media marketing strategy before we had completely implemented the other one. My team had to create content for eighty thousand strangers whose interests we couldn’t tell; no one knew what had been the said account’s central theme. As you’d expect, engagements and sales went down since we possibly promoted soccer merchandise to formula one enthusiasts.

Social media marketing mistakes

It is one mistake most clients make in their social media marketing strategies. Six thousand loyal followers who follow your brand, and are interested in what you do, are better than eighty thousand followers who may be unaware that your brand exists and have no interest in your brand. Even if you only have one hundred followers who followed you with full knowledge of what you do, it’s better than having thousands whose interests and origins you do not know.

Yes, sometimes having more followers goes some way in proving your credibility to a potential lead. Especially for those who might be skeptical about dealing with a relatively new brand with a few followers on social media. However, it’s just as useless as performing great reggae hits to hardcore hip hop lovers in most cases. It’s up to you! Really. I’d rather stick with your social media marketing strategy, albeit with few loyal followers, as you grow your brand gradually.