Post-pandemic digital marketing tips for real estate companies in Kenya

Jan 8, 2022 | Digital Marketing

As the country reopens and in-person gatherings pick up, the real estate market in Kenya is also getting back on its feet. The pandemic disruptions proved it was time for real estate companies and agents in Kenya to evaluate and implement effective digital marketing tactics to get more quality leads post-pandemic. The lockdowns and restrictions introduced real estate companies and agents in Kenya to new ways of running their businesses. Adopting a digital-first strategy proved to be very beneficial in helping them build their businesses and personal brands. 

This article will share vital long-term digital marketing strategies that will give you a competitive advantage to skyrocket your lead generation and nurturing techniques.

Open House Live Streams

Hosting a virtual open house or giving your prospects a live tour of a property through social media live streams or video conferencing apps like Zoom and Facetime not only makes it convenient for them but also improves your digital presence. As a top real estate company in Kenya, it shows that you understand technological trends and care about their time – the best part is that this doesn’t require any knowledge of video editing. This technique is very effective when targeting investors based in the diaspora. However, use a decent camera with enough lighting and a strong internet connection to make it very effective. 

Create Online Communities

Stamp your authority as one of the best real estate companies in Kenya by sharing valuable content to build your company’s online community through your online platforms. If you continually create helpful videos, social media posts, blog articles, and infographics that unite people, you’ll add value to your real estate dealings both online and offline. Building and nurturing your army of loyal customers will be your deal-breaker in the Kenyan real estate market. 

Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing boasts one of the best conversion rates compared to all the other digital marketing methods real estate companies in Kenya utilize. Real estate companies in Kenya rarely get any impulse purchases. Therefore, before a prospect decides to purchase your property, they take some time to know your real estate company and the property in question. Effective email marketing strategies allow you to communicate directly to your prospects and build a relationship with them. Implementing this strategy in this post-pandemic era will help you win the customer’s trust and stay in their mind – this is very helpful as your company will be top of the prospective client’s mind when they are ready to make a purchase. 

3D Virtual Tours

Some of the most successful real estate companies in Kenya have effectively utilized this strategy to give their prospective clients virtual walkthroughs of their properties. This technique allows buyers to tour a property at their own time, pace, and comfort. With a few clicks on a laptop or taps on a smartphone, you can explore every nook and cranny of a property through a device. These 3D virtual tours are here to stay. The Digital Age and the pandemic significantly impacted consumer behaviors. Today, prospects want as much information as possible about a real estate listing before they even reach out to a realtor to inquire – so they will expect 3D virtual tours as part of a real estate listing.


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