4 Key Benefits of Hiring An External IT Company in Kenya

Mar 30, 2021 | IT

At this age and time, technology is at the heart of business operations in Kenya. This ranges from small traders who might use point of sale systems to large corporations who use complex software and hardware in their business. Any form of IT system, both complex and straightforward, requires experts to build and manage. Some businesses opt for full-time staff; others prefer external tech companies in Kenya, while some hire both for different purposes. So how do you decide whether your business needs to hire an external IT company? In this article, we shall look at the significant benefits of the process.

IT companies possess industry experts and the latest technologies

It is most likely that an IT consulting firm has resources that your business can not afford. Foremost, these companies hire the best IT professionals in the field. 

These companies usually have a variety of experts in different areas of technology, from networking management to computer security, available to work for you. It is like hiring an entire team of certified and experienced IT professionals when you hire these companies. This team can assist you in every aspect of managing your technical requirements. 

These companies build partnerships with top technology providers, giving them valuable insight into the latest hardware and software products on the market. As a result, they can advise you on keeping your systems up-to-date. They may also offer you discounts and deals you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

With an entire team of IT professionals working to solve your technical issues and provide you with sound advice, you’ll have the right tools for the job every time. Few companies can afford to assemble such resources in the house.

Working with an IT company cuts costs

With hiring an internal IT team, the price tag can be hefty, especially if your needs are relatively minor. When you work with an external IT company, you will have access to the resources you need when you need them. You have options for packages and pricing that suit the demands of your operation. This can save you money compared to paying for a full-time team you don’t need. One that might not offer you the same level of expertise.

You also stand to increase overall efficiency when you have certified IT professionals are helping you set up your computer and network infrastructure, upgrade as needed, and potentially provide monitoring or maintenance services. Having the right tools and resources to manage your IT needs is the best way to ensure efficient operations.

A qualified IT company mitigates risks

An increase in the number of hackers, fraudsters, and identity thefts, among others, means businesses need to be in top gear regarding safeguarding themselves. Your external IT service provider will most likely advise on the best way to respond to attacks. By setting up preventive measures like firewalls, antivirus software, password protection, and encryption in place, you may stop many attacks before they start.

For the ones that might sneak past your security, you’ll need to have measures like monitoring and backups in place. A reputable IT company can help you set all these up.

IT companies are accountable

IT companies have a reputation to protect and also have binding contracts. Therefore, in cases of accidental damages and any other losses that occur because of the IT company’s activities, they will take responsibility and implement necessary replacements and repairs. Unlike working with internal teams where individuals might not assume responsibility and cause unaccounted losses for your company.